The first sketches of my imagined boat just bubbled out of me. Soon I had a clear picture of the exact boat design. I also had a really clear idea on which attributes my boat should differentiate from others. Until this point, I was still holding on to the idea that this boat would be for my private use.


Obsessed by the idea of making my own rowboat, I used all of my free time to search out and understand the materials used for building the boat, as well as comparing the details and other minutiae to professional rowboats. What I learned, I could transfer to my own design. This set off the step-by-step development of the first 3-D prototype which was transforming into a modern and extravagant recreational rowboat.

For curiosity’s sake wanting to know what other’s thought about my boat, I presented my design for a study on April 13, 2015 to the renowned design platform, Yanko Design. A few days later my design was released and the feedback was overwhelming. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get so much positive feedback.

This experience and the support of different specialists in boat-building and rowing encouraged me to finally take the step of moving from a boat designed and built for my personal use to one that will see the light of day in the market for all boat and rowing enthusiasts. I hope to attract people like me who believe that performance can be matched with beauty.