August 15, 2019 

Three lost years...

Yesterday, exactly three years ago, I proudly communicated the future cooperation with the company "Saviya e-Business Private Limited" from Sri Lanka. "Saviya e-Business Private Limited" had acquired from me the worldwide rights for the development, production and sale of the Neptune Rowboats. I was delighted and convinced that my project would take a giant step in the right direction regarding to this agreement.

After three long and difficult years, I am sorry to say that this was not the case. Therefore, I have terminated the license agreement with the company "Saviya e-Business Private Limited" immediately without notice these days. Unfortunately, the cooperation did not work at all and I had to find out that there is obviously not only a huge gap between Sri Lanka and Switzerland in terms of distance as also in mentality and loyalty. I am convinced that this is not the case in general, but in my specific project collaboration, unfortunately, it was indeed what I was facing ever and ever again to. In the end this unsatisfyingly situations gave me the final input to no longer work with "Saviya e-Business Private Limited". 

This decision was not easy for me, because I knew that I would be thrown back completely to field 1 and that I might have to start the project absolutely from scratch if I would go further with it. Therefore, I am currently thinking about giving up the Neptune Rowboats project completely. This because I do not need such a devastating disappointment again after all the effort and financial means I have invested in the project completely in my spare time and out of my own pockets. 

However, if within the near future a new, serious business partner could be found who would like to restart the Neptune Rowboats project together with me, I would not be averse at all. So should you maybe be interested in a professional collaboration and have the needed skills, I would be very pleased to get in touch with you. You can reach me at any time by sending me an e-mail to daniel.bucher [at]

As soon as I have news about the future course of the Neptune Rowboats project, I will of course announce them. In the meantime, I thank you for your interest in my project and hope to come back to you with some good news as soon as possible.


Daniel Bucher

August 14, 2016

The dream goes on! Be prepared for the Neptune Rowboats... Awesome!!!

I'm very pleased, proud and excited to solve the mystery, because now it's officially. After a long time of coming closer, negotiating the necessary points in our different interests and building up a trust basis for a long term cooperation, I may inform you today, that the company "Saviya e-Business Private Limited" and I signed a multiannual license agreement. From now on, Saviya e-Business Private Limited will be responsible for the development, production, marketing and sales of the soon coming Neptune Rowboats.

Saviya e-Business Private Limited is a fiberglass/composite product manufacturer based in Sri Lanka. Specialized in building boats, they offer a wide range of customized and also standard products within the industry. But the range of product they produce includes also interior/exterior cladding panels, decorative item, furniture and many other customized design products.

I'm very sure that Saviya e-Business Private Limited is the right company to raise Neptune Rowboats up to the next level and get the first boats into the water soon.

At this point I would like to thank Dharmasiri Gamage (Managing Director of Saviya e-Business Private Limited) for its honesty, patience and trust. I look confidently to the future and forward to our cooperation.

You're interested in owning your own Neptune Rowboat? Just get in touch with Saviya e-Business Private Limited ( or write me an e-mail (daniel.bucher [at] We will update you with the latest news and information.

I hope to hear soon from you. ;-)

Daniel Bucher

March 06, 2016

It is always to early to quit!

The last couple of weeks I have learned to never give up too early. So stay tuned... Further information will be released soon. *excited*

Daniel Bucher

November 29, 2015

The end of Neptune Rowboats

Unfortunately, today I have to announce that I, after a long and intensive phase of development, have decided to not go on with the project "Neptune Rowboats" because of, amongst other things, financial reasons. It is nearly impossible for me to finance such a intensive project only from my private money. During the past few months I have learned a lot about boats, the development of boats in general and the rowing sport. I would not miss this

All those who supported me in this intense time, I thank wholeheartedly.

But one thing I can guarantee already now: "Neptune Rowboats" will definitely not be my last project. I am already going to put a new design project on its feet.

All the best!

Daniel Bucher

September 28, 2015

Ready, Set, Go...

After a long time of preparation, today I had my first official appointment with the future boatbuilder and the naval architect, who will be responsible for all the construction plans and the physical calculations. We have discussed every single detail from the design aspects until the construction process and have defined a first rough schedule.

I am very proud to announce, that the first real prototype should left the shipyard at the end of February 2016. So, according to the initial estimates, it will be pretty realistic that I am able to deliver the first Neptune Rowboats in spring 2016 to my customers. As you know, the early bird gets the worm.

Should you be interested in getting more information about the Neptune Rowboats, please do not hesitate to contact me. It will be my pleasure to keep you informed.

Daniel Bucher